04 • 14 • 2021

Stasher Releases Endangered Seas Collection in Support of Surfrider

By rcushing

In celebration of Earth Month, our partners at Stasher are donating $1 to the Surfrider Foundation for every reusable silicone Stasher bag sold throughout the month. Since 2019, Stasher has supported the Surfrider Foundation's mission to protect and enjoy our ocean, waves and beaches, by sharing in our commitment to reducing single-use plastics and advocating for reusable alternatives.

Stasher was created to help reduce the 11M metric tons of plastic that enter our ocean each year, with the vision of helping to create a waste-free world through encouraging the use of durable, reusable goods in place of single-use plastics. Today, Stasher has created a global community of individuals making conscious decisions every day that are better for themselves and for the planet. To further advance their commitment to reducing excess waste and plastic pollution, Stasher has additionally supported Surfrider's mission since 2019. 

In addition to Stasher's ongoing Earth Month campaign to support Surfrider, the brand has also announced the launch of their new Endangered Seas product collection, which features Stasher's signature reusable silicone bags in various colors, representing different seas and regions, to help bring awareness to the issues impacting the health of our world ocean. Learn more and shop the Endangered Seas collection here!

Since Earth Month is about not only taking action, but also educating ourselves so that we can make informed choices, together Stasher and Surfrider are also shining a light the issues that are threatening the health of our ocean and coasts, why plastic pollution is such a pervasive problem, and what we can do as individuals to help protect our planet.

We are all connected to the ocean

Around 70% of the Earth’s surface is ocean, and it plays a critical role in maintaining the health of the planet we all inhabit. When we regard the ocean as singular— one world ocean that we're all connected by, it is natural that we should all be accountable for its protection. No matter where you live, you live in a watershed, which means that you have the power to impact the health of the ocean right from your community. From the products we purchase to how we dispose of waste, and even the way our homes and public spaces are landscaped, all of our choices ultimately impact the ocean as their effects make their way downstream. One of the simplest ways we can all help offset our own impacts on the ocean is by reducing the amount of plastic we consume.

The plastic pollution crisis

Of all the litter and waste clogging our natural world, single-use plastic is among the worst offenders. For instance:

Positive change adds up

The good news is that while our own individual actions and decisions to switch to reusable items over single-use may feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, each of the changes we make with a more sustainable future in mind add up. For example, opting for a Stasher bag instead of purchasing single-use plastic food storage bags is great step in the right direction, and beyond that, there are lots of easy ways to make positive choices for the planet every single day:

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