05 • 22 • 2015

Surfrider College Clubs take to Capitol Hill, Part 4

UNCW College Club Member and Youth Leadership Program summer intern Alexandra Brooks shares her experience attending 5th Annual Blue Vision Summit in Washington, DC May 11-14th. This is a 4 part series.

Alexandra Brooks, UNCW College Club, Freshman

As I reflect back upon my week at the 5th Blue Vision Summit in Washington, DC I feel grateful…..

Grateful, I could be surrounded by inspiring ocean activists in all walks of life.

Grateful for all the heavy-lifting advocates are doing to protect the big blue. 

Grateful that so many organizations were able to band together as one voice, fighting to save our oceans. 

Some days it can feel as though the world could not muster a sliver of care for our oceans. It can feel like the there is barely any hope, but I can tell you that when you are surrounded by such determined people it’s hard to feel anything but hope.  Yes, the task of saving our oceans is a daunting one, but with the work that organizations, like our own Surfrider Foundation, are doing it feels a bit less intimidating.  I will admit I grow nervous when thinking of what needs to be done in order to protect our great marine ecosystems, but when I heard from all of the people who were out in the field doing the research, making it available to the public, and then campaigning that same information to our law makers it gave me reassurance that there is so much we can do.  Banding together with my fellow Surfriders’ as well as the many other organizations for Healthy Oceans Hill Day was one of the most inspiring life experiences for me to date.  Walking the busy tunnels of the Hill and lobbying our represenatatives and senators to pass the bills that will protect our oceans from big oil, plastics, and pirate fishing left me feeling powerful and inspired.  Inspired to be the change needed, and hopefully spur those around me to make changes in their life, that will help the ecosystem that keeps our entire world in balance. Without our great oceans we would have nothing left.