Ocean Protection, Marine Protected Areas
July 07 2009

Surfrider Cranking out Key MLPA Materials….

by Stefanie Sekich

For those of you close to the Surfrider Foundation (and of course, those of you who religiously follow this blog wink)  you probably noticed we've produced a lot of materials about the MLPA lately....  And as you may know, there is a lot of information, science, and opinions on how to implement this law.  We recently published a FAQ sheet about the MLPA (and that also states how Surfrider is involved with the process).   

While we designated a portion of our FAQ to the issue of access and non-extractive recreational uses, we felt it was necessary to also do a technical memo that analyzes sections of the law in order to provide more clarity on the situation. 

We hope it helps you understand and appreciate the MLPA just a little bit more! You can read the memo here: