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February 04 2019

Surfrider’s Federal Priorities: Washington D.C. Here We Come!

by Pete Stauffer

Surfrider has selected our 2019 Federal Priorities. Please join us in asking our federal leaders to protect our ocean, waves and beaches!

Since our founding in 1984, the Surfrider Foundation has been celebrated as a grassroots organization that thrives at the local level and creates scalable change nationwide. Indeed, in communities across the country, we are widely recognized for our inspired advocacy and stewardship to protect coastal resources.

Yet, with the many threats facing our coastlines, it’s clear that stronger federal leadership on these issues is urgently needed. This is particularly true now, as the Trump administration works to roll back environmental protections and expand offshore drilling in U.S. waters. That’s why Surfrider has increased our focus on the policies of the U.S. Congress and federal agencies in recent years.  

Members of the Maryland delegation at Surfrider's 2018 Hill Day

As the largest grassroots group representing coastal recreation, Surfrider is well positioned to make our voice heard. Building upon our network of 170 chapters and clubs across the U.S., Surfrider has organized thousands of recreational businesses to engage in federal advocacy. We’ve also formalized partnerships with the Outdoor Alliance and Surf Industry Manufacturer’s Association to amplify the influence of the recreation sector at the national level. 

In 2019, Surfrider is focusing on the following Federal Priorities to protect our oceans, waves and beaches: 1) Stop offshore drilling; 2) Defend clean water laws and funding; 3) Reduce plastic pollution; and 4) Promote coastal resilience. 

Surfrider will take these priorities to Washington D.C. next month as part of Coastal Recreation Hill Day. Over a hundred Surfrider members, industry leaders, and elected officials will meet with Congressional offices to ask their representatives to exercise leadership on behalf of our coasts. Surfrider has also scheduled meetings with the Assistant Secretary of Interior and Acting Director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to ask these federal leaders to cancel plans for new offshore drilling. 

The good news is that you don’t need to travel to Washington D.C. to make your voice heard. All of us should regularly contact our elected officials to express support for protecting our coasts and ocean. To easily send a message to your representatives, please visit our Take Action page. Even better, call your representatives in the Senate and House or schedule a meeting with their district office. Let’s turn the tide in 2019! 

To read Surfrider’s federal priorities click here.

To visit our Take Action page click here