Plastic Pollution
March 20 2012

Teach Kids About Plastic with a Hands-On Sand Dig & Scavenger Hunt!

by Bill Hickman

Here's a great hand-on educational tool developed by longtime activist and Portland, OR Chapter Chair Nastassja Pace:

A few years ago the Portland Chapter was asked to attend the Portland Children’s Clean Water Festival, where over 1,400 kids come and learn all about water in one day!  I new with hundreds of other booths and games to play, I was going to have to make something fun, engaging and special to get 1,400 kids to come to our booth and really learn about plastics in our water, on our beaches and what they can do in their own lives to help decrease it!

So, with help from Vice Chair, Ryan Cruse, I made a hands-on sand dig with real materials from the beach—all the real stuff and the plastics. We re-used old materials to house and display the “Sand Dig Kit” and we even added a scavenger hunt game for kids who don’t like to sit and dig, but go run around instead.

Anyhoo, check it out HERE. It explains how I made it, what I used, how to set it up and how to engage the little ones. Maybe you could do one for your chapter too!  (Click Here to find your local Surfrider Chapter.)