Surf Protection, Surf Economics
November 05 2007

The Breakfast Joint Theory: A Surf Economics Indicator?

by Chad Nelsen

This graph is a comparison of the departure times for Trestles surfers and California beach goers. The surfer data (the green bars) are based on a survey of surfers who visit Trestles in Southern California. The general beach goers data (the red bars) are from the Southern California Beach Valuation Project .

As you can see in this case surfers tend to go to the beach to surf in the morning whereas beach goers tend to go mid-day. I think this is a common phenomena at many beaches because the surf conditions are better in the morning and crowds are often lighter. Beach goers want to wait for it to warm up before they hit the sand.

What do many of these surfers do after their AM surf? They grab breakfast. Surf towns are commonly full of breakfast joints that cater to surfers.

I think surfers extend the business day for many businesses and provide customers during a time when your more typical beach goer hasn't left the house yet.

So, the question is are their relatively more breakfast joints in surf towns than other beach towns?

Let me know what you think.