Ocean Protection
December 04 2015

Time to Support our National Ocean Policy

by Pete Stauffer

What do some members of Congress have against the ocean? The House of Representatives recently passed several amendments that brazenly attack our National Ocean Policy. These provisions would restrict federal leadership and funding to protect our nation’s ocean, coast, and Great Lakes, and could be included in the final 2016 spending bill - which will go to vote this Friday, December 11 - unless our elected officials hear from people like you that care about the ocean.

Please contact your Federal Representatives to let them know you support the National Ocean Policy click here.

The National Ocean Policy was established by President Obama in 2010 to address the many shortcomings of our nation’s piecemeal approach to ocean management. Based on the bipartisan recommendations of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, the policy addresses issues such as water quality, marine debris, coastal resilience, and renewable energy through improved collaboration across all levels of government.

A cornerstone of the policy is support for Regional Ocean Partnerships that bring together states, federal agencies, stakeholders, tribes, and the public to advance stewardship of our ocean and coasts. In regions such as the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, West Coast, and Pacific Islands real progress is being made to protect the coastal ecosystems we all use and enjoy.

Surfrider is an active participant in National Ocean Policy implementation. Across the U.S., we are supporting regional ocean planning as a representative of coastal recreational users. With grassroots stakeholder enagement and data from our Coastal Recreation Use Studies, we are helping protect important ecological and recreational areas through these ocean planning processes. 

Please speak up and champion the National Ocean Policy. Congress needs to hear from real people about why the ocean matters. Our ocean will not get the support and funding it deserves until the people who are most affected start raising their hands. That is why the next step in advancing our National Ocean Policy begins with you!