Plastic Pollution
February 21 2010

Tom Jones East Coast Tour 2010

by scott harrison

Extreme athlete Tom Jones stand-up paddled down the California coast (800+ miles thankyouverymuch) during the fall of 2007 to raise awareness to the problem of plastics pollution in our oceans. He made multiple landfalls along the way – each one punctuated by a media-friendly press conference and assorted beach & ocean-related events that local organizations planned for his appearances. The photo above is a shot of his final arrival at the US/Mexico border (yes, the fence extends into the ocean).

NOW HE’S BACK – this summer he’ll be paddling the ENTIRE EAST COAST of the USA. Take a look at the map and you’ll see that many stops are planned – giving your organization an opportunity for a splashy (no pun) media event – and a perfect chance to buy a hungry activist a meal!

Tom is a great guy, and is extremely dedicated to doing what he can to bring attention to the insipid problem of plastics in our oceans. He gets it – and he has helped form the group, PlasticFreeOcean to help further addressing the problem. The PlasticFreeOcean website is jam-packed with helpful info, links and action items - check it out!

Tom can also use your help in sponsoring this tour, or planning an event for one of his landfalls – do whatcha can!