Ocean Protection
March 26 2012

What Is the Monetary Value of a Healthy Ocean?

The study report "describes the state of the science for 6 threats to the global ocean, what can happen if all these threats act together, and the economic consequences of taking or not taking action." The study is unique in stressing the interactions between and among multiple threats, which include acidification, low-oxygen "dead zones," overfishing, pollution, sea-level rise, and warming.

A release from the Stockholm Environment Institute -- the agency that coordinated the international study -- states "The ocean is the victim of a massive market failure. The true worth of its ecosystems, services, and functions is persistently ignored by policy makers and largely excluded from wider economic and development strategies… This collaborative book presents an unequivocal argument in favor of placing the ocean at the centre of plans to build a sustainable future, while for the first time calculating the actual monetary value of the critical ocean services that we stand to lose."
The study's positive message is that local actions can make a global difference.

Report: http://www.sei-international.org/publications?pid=2064