Plastic Pollution
October 05 2009

Whoa…TEN years already…!

by scott harrison

Algalita's been at it (spreading news of the gyre) for TEN years! After pounding away at getting our attention to this plastics/ocean problemo, this year has been the most encouraging yet. Theirs is the 4th official expedition to the gyre this summer - read about it here (lotsa fun links & interactive maps!).

Capt Moore's campaign had a sloooow, loooonely start. Nobody wanted to believe it. Many of us couldn't believe it. But it made so much sense - and the oceans finally showed that they are finite in their capacity to deal with the human/plastic full-frontal assault. You could actually hear the cartoon light bulb turning on above your head.

The word is getting out beyond our green-centric circle - and people are responding to the problem...The Environment's the name, and Awareness is the GAME.