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Talks can be a short overview of OFG at the beginning of another group's presentation or a longer-format that stands on its own. Some chapters have even hired a landscape professional to teach a class.

Hands-On Workshops and barn-raising-type GAP Workdays. The classes are comprehensive and integrate several key components for developing a successful garden, focusing on:

  1. Understanding the watershed you live in
  2. Reviewing the problem: polluted runoff (wet- and dry-weather sources);
  3. Solution - essentially, it's landscaping - and making hard surfaces permeable: using rainwater as a resource; creating healthy, living soil; using climate-appropriate plants.
  4. Managing the projects we do to insure they continue to perform
  5. Collaboration - with other non-profits, the private sector and government: to shift the landscape marketplace so that OFGs become the norm. Following a common message, setting standards, and training a workforce.

The OFG Program Coordinator can share slideshows with you that you can then customize.