OFG: Hands On Workshop

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Hands-On Workshops (HOWs) offer an opportunity to educate and train people as part of a garden installation or retrofit. HOWs are typically lead by a professional, or the equivalent, as part of a professionally installed project  and one that meets the OFG sign criteria. HOWs are geared toward everyone: OFG Basic Class attendees, Surfrider members, other NGOs, government and landscape professionals in sustainable landscaping principles and practices. They also help grow a cadre of sustainable landscape practioners who can help the movement build.

These workshops are 3-hour trainings – 1 hour in-class, 2 hours outside – implementing one “tool” within the sustainable landscaping toolkit. Areas, or “tools,” covered include:

  • site evaluation and analysis
  • turf removal, sheet mulching and soil remediation
  • rainwater capture and Ocean Friendly Garden design
  • proper planting & installation of drip irrigation & correct installation & programming of weather-based irrigation controllers
  • stewardship (maintenance)

Next steps you may decide to after a HOW:

  • Attend a Surfrider Garden Assistance Program (GAP) Workday.
  • Apply what you have learned at your home or someone elses.
  • Hire a professional who understands OFG and CPR. Click here for a list of professionals certified by G3 and by the City of Santa Monica or consult professional associations.

Note: You must wear closed-toe shoes to participate.
Everyone must sign aliability waivers, and those under 18 years-of-age should get one signed before coming to the event.

Who should attend – everyone, including do-it-yourself types, landscaping professionals, government employees or regular folks who want to be able to communicate well with a professional they hire.