Environmental Issues Team


As a grassroots organization, the Surfrider Foundation would be unable to mobilize or operate successful community-based campaigns without the help of our volunteer activists. One arm of our activist organization is the Environmental Issues Team (EIT). Comprised of a group of highly trained science-based professionals, the EIT is the environmental brain trust of the Surfrider Foundation. EIT volunteers work with chapters to help address various environmental issues while developing their campaigns.

There are several opportunities to volunteer your services:

  1. Find your local chapter and inquire about their environmental campaigns to determine if there is a way you can assist. 
  2. Sign up as an issue expert and contribute to Beachapedia, our coastal knowledge wiki.
  3. Provide feedback on issues at Surfrider's discussion forums.
  4. Share your resumé with our Coastal Preservation Manager so that we may call on you when issues come up that might need your expertise (mrauscher at surfrider dot org)