Surfrider Foundation Welcomes Global Celebrations for International Surfing Day on June 19th 

The Surfrider Foundation Encourages Surfers, Swimmers and Beachgoers to Share a Wave, Participate in a Beach Cleanup or Bring Someone New to the Coast in Recognition of the 17th Annual International Surfing Day

San Clemente, Calif., June 16, 2021 - On Saturday, June 19, the Surfrider Foundation and international affiliates will host events worldwide in recognition of the 17th annual International Surfing Day (ISD) to celebrate the sport of surfing and the protection of clean water and healthy beaches. Held each year on the third Saturday of June, the global holiday founded by the Surfrider Foundation brings communities together to enjoy coastal recreation and raise awareness of urgent threats to the coasts. 

The theme of this year’s ISD is ‘the Beach Belongs to Everyone,’ regardless of race, socioeconomic background, gender identity or geographic location. Local events have previously ranged from surfing, stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking competitions to beach cleanups and collaborations with organizations to bring kids and underserved communities to the beach. Celebrated worldwide, ISD activations have taken place in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, France, the U.K., Argentina, Japan, and coastal communities across the U.S.

“For decades, Surfrider has championed keeping our beaches accessible and welcoming for all people to enjoy,” said the Surfrider Foundation’s Head of Marketing, Eddie Anaya. “We can’t solve our environmental challenges without addressing our social challenges first and Surfrider is committed to ensuring a vibrant and inclusive beach culture for all. The beach belongs to everyone and on this day, we join together to celebrate what we love and the work we do year-round to protect clean water and healthy beaches for every person.” 

Established in 2005 by the Surfrider Foundation and other surf industry organizations, International Surfing Day was initiated to raise awareness and support for our world’s ocean and coastal environments. The event has now grown into a global activation with up to 200 events taking place worldwide in more than 30 countries with over one million participants in the last decade. 

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