Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Memorial and tribute gifts offer a great way to honor a family member, loved one or friend. 

Remember the memory of someone important to you.  Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or wedding.  Recognize a special achievement or event.  These gifts mark your commitment to oceans, waves and beaches and recognize that the individual being honored shared their importance. 

When you make a memorial or tribute donation you will receive a receipt acknowledging your gift.  If you choose, we will also send a card to the individual(s) being honored, informing them of your gift, keeping the amount of your gift confidential.

Make your gift online

If you prefer to make your gift by check please print out the form below and follow the instructions given.

Memorial & Tribute Gift Form

Gifts may also be made by phone using your credit card. Call (949) 492-8170.

If you have additional questions please email us at