Information for Working With Surfrider

Surfrider chapters seek to support and partner with all sectors of the landscape arena to apply the Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) principles of CPR - Conservation Permeability and Retention - through education, hands-on workdays and policy work. Each sector can play their part:

  • Consumers can drive demand for OFG by doing it in their own yard or hiring a professional who will, and supporting government policies that require it.
  • Professionals can supply services such as site evaluation, design and implementation that apply CPR.
  • Government can establish regulations that require CPR, e.g., standards for landscape rebate programs, applying CPR to all public landscapes.
  • Fellow non-profit and community groups can promote CPR and help coordinate activites.

Chapters engaged in OFG may do the following, depending on their capacity (volunteers) and interest (what else they are doing):

  • Promote OFG through their websites, emails and social networking sites.
  • Help at workdays - note that since chapters are run by volunteers, they have limited time.
  • Run activities - such as neighborhood walks, talks to groups, volunteering at workdays. Contact your local chapter to find out if and to what level they are running an OFG program. Click here for a list of chapters.

Surfrider OFG National Coordinator assists in these ways:

  • Chapters - Assist chapters in launching and sustaining an OFG program. Provide limited technical assistance, e.g., viability of a site meeting the OFG criteria, event organizing guidance, etc.
  • Partners - Discuss partnership ideas with prospective partners. We can discuss use of OFG collateral and, if the demand on the Coordinator's time is great enough, possible compensation.
  • Coordinator's contact information - Paul Herzog,, 310-430-9760

SF Regional Chapter Staff can help, too:

  • Broadly support chapters' implementation of programs such as OFG.

Partners - this applies to class and workday hosts as well as professionals who lead them:

  • Agree to follow the OFG criteria;
  • Look for ways for Surfrider volunteers to participate.