April 22

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is April 22, a worldwide day of to celebrate our environment. Surfrider invites you to participate in our campaign “Every Day is Earth Day”.  By making simple changes in our daily lives, we can help protect our ocean, waves and beaches…to be enjoyed by all for generations to come.

Avoid buying items packaged in plastic. Look for produce and other items that aren’t over-packaged. Not only are you reducing the plastic you use, you’re sending a message to the manufacturers of those products that you prefer sustainable packaging. And, there are simple ways to avoid using plastic in your kitchen. 

Use cloth shopping bags. Keep reusable bags somewhere handy—in your car or your bike or by the front door—so you don’t forget them when you go to the market, grocery store or mall.

Forget bottled water. Carry a reusable bottle. Plastic bottles are one of the top five most common types of litter found on beaches. Since bottled water is much more expensive than tap water, you’ll also save money and avoid the possible hazards of plastic toxins leaching into your beverage.

Skip the straw! Americans use 500 million straws daily…just to be thrown away. When ordering drinks, remember to say "no straw, please"!

Drive less! Our personal vehicles are a major source of carbon emissions. You can help by taking public transportation, car-pooling and riding your bike to reduce your carbon footprint and help curb climate change.

If you smoke…don’t litter your cigarette butts. Cigarettes are the most common piece of trash found at beach clean-ups. They aren’t biodegradable, leach chemicals which kill fish and they pollute our beaches and ocean.

Sweep instead of using the hose.  Cleaning your driveway and sidewalks with a hose sends dirty water into the storm drains and out to the beach.

Volunteer at a beach cleanup. Plastics are forever. Join one of our beach clean-ups and help pick up plastic debris that have already reached our coasts to make certain they are recycled and not mistaken for food by birds and marine life. Surfrider Foundation chapters hold events all month long and it is a great way to meet new people and have some fun!

Make your voice be heard. Get involved in your community and make a difference for your special place you call home.

Make a donation. By supporting Surfrider, you help fund our coastal defenders who are protecting our beaches for all of us to enjoy today, tomorrow and every day forward. 

The beaches belong to all of us, and simple changes in our daily lives can make a big difference!