OFG Videos

2017 film with David Chokachi - showing how an OFG applies CPR - Full length, shorter cuts for social media

Overview of Problems and Solutions That OFG Addresses

OFG and Blue Water Task Force in Eastern Long Island - Full length (8.5 minutes), Interviews - 30 seconds, Overview - 30 seconds.

Stormwater outfall pipe spewing runoff into Seattle's Puget Sound on a rainy day

OFG Program Components

CPR and an OFG series approach (class, hands-on workshop, workday), featuring Ventura County, CA

Education, Neighborhood Walk (Lawn Patrol), and Series (Class, Workshop and Workday)

Curb cuts

Cutting the street gutter/parkway curb and creating a bio-swale to capture street runoff, plus it working during a rainy day.

Cutting the curb and directing runoff from a park's parking lot into a grassy-area-turned-into-a-bioswale in San Diego, CA.

How To Install An OFG

Films by the California State Water Resources Control Board

OFG Combined With Growing Food

Oahu's Permablitz

Case Studies

Southern CA city hall landscape becomes an OFG through hands-on workshop with a local Conservation Corps

An OFG workday, led by G3/Green Gardens Group, transforms a Santa Barbara, CA's park's grassy lawn into an OFG.

A Ventura, CA OFG explains how Surfrider and the City helped him retrofit his landsacpe. He is featured on a webiste of a CA statewide association of water agencies.

Another Ventura, CA OFG describes how Surfrider and G3/Green Gardens Group helped him create an OFG.

G3's Pamela Berstler's OFG is featured on the news, and she explains the value of CPR.