Coastal Champions

We are an ocean planet and we are coastal people. Together, we'll keep it protected for generations to come.

Coastal Champions are individuals who care deeply about protecting our ocean and beaches and want to ensure Surfrider's vision of 100% protection of the U.S. coastline in the next five years. With financial support of $1,000 or more annually, Coastal Champions are recognized as major benefactors who share an extraordinary commitment to protect each mile of coastline through our irreplaceable local chapters and passionate volunteers, experts in science, policy, legal issues, and community engagement, all organized to look after our ocean and every beach and wave.

The ocean and our coasts are essential to the health of our planet and us as they give us 70% of the world's oxygen and 97% of the Earth's water.

Our coastline may only make up 10% of U.S. land but more than 40% of the populations calls it home with our coasts being 6 times more dense than the rest of the country.

Our ocean powers a multi-billion dollar ocean tourism and recreation industry that is second to none.

Our ocean, waves and beaches mean so much to each of us. Whether a person lives inland or along the coasts, we are all impacted by that connection.

Together, we will keep the places we love and care about clean, healthy and accessible, to be enjoyed by everyone today and for future generations – Join us as a Coastal Champion today.

Join the Coastal Champions Today

Coastal Champion Benefits

You’ll help our coasts in powerful ways, connect to like-minded ocean enthusiasts, and enjoy benefits like:

• Recognition in our Surfrider communications, demonstrating your significant commitment

• Invitations to exclusive regional Coastal Champion events to network with fellow ocean-minded individuals, philanthropist, community and business leaders

• Special invitation and access to Surfrider events with entrepreneurs, entertainers, designers and champion surfers

• Exclusive Coastal Champion communications to brief and inform you on Surfrider’s priority campaigns, initiatives and program and Surfrider approach to solving the critical threats our coasts face

• Special Coastal Champion discounts at the Surfrider store at