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Lawn Patrol takes its name from Dawn Patrol, the early-morning check of waves done by Surfrers to see if it’s worth going out. Lawn Patrol is a neighborhood walk, led by a person familiar with OFGs, that’s open to anyone who wants to develop his/her understanding of what makes an OFG. It is also a way for volunteers to get involved and educate the public.

How It Works

  1. We start at an existing OFG, reviewing the OFG principles and practices implemented. We refer to it as “applying CPR – Conservation, Permeability and Retention – to landscapes to revive our watersheds and oceans.” (If possible, the OFG owner posts flyers in their neighborhood to let neighbors know about the walk. This would help with being introduced to neighbors who are home.)
  2. Participants walk the neighborhood with the OFG Sign Criteria on a clipboard to help them identify existing OFG elements at a home landscape and opportunities to do more.
  3. They can leave behind a flyer:
    1. With space to check-off OFG components that are implemented. For example, a garden may have native plants and mulch (C and P), but no rainwater retention element (R). The Chapter OFG Committee could help with implementing the retention element, e.g, swale.
    2. A garden may have all the elements of an OFG and the person could qualify for a sign.
    3. Write in the date of any upcoming OFG events next to the slots for them (class, workshop, workday, walk).
  4. Tracking sheet – to write down the addresses of homes with OFGs or close to it.