100% Protection of Our Coasts

Right now, Surfrider has 56% of our coasts protected. We have a vision to protect 100% of the U.S. coastlines over the next five years.

What does 100% coverage look like? It means that each mile of coastline – every beach and every wave – is protected. We will have a chapter of local volunteers, alongside experts in science, policy, legal issues and organizing to look after our ocean, waves and beaches across the country.

Nobody knows his or her stretch of coastline better than someone who calls it home. Local beachgoers, surfers and fisherman pay very close attention to the rhythms of the sand, the types of marine life, and are often the first to know when something isn’t right. Over the years, these keen observations lead to a love for the coast and a vested interest in protecting it today and preserving it for tomorrow. Throughout our 31 years, we’ve found that if we support these passionate people with leading science, policy, program and legal experts, it’s a winning combination for our coasts.

And that, right there, is the Surfrider Foundation model at work. 

Imagine if we could have fully supported Surfrider volunteers at every beach, every cove, every island and every surf spot around the country…

We provide our local volunteers with the tools and training to effectively protect our coasts, and in these staff-supported areas, we see the greatest number of victories in defending our coasts. Thanks to the generous support of members and donors, we have been able to fully support 84 Chapters and 40 Clubs in 10 regions across the country. But that is not enough. 

Our goal is to have chapters, made up of powerful, dedicated and unwavering volunteers, along each and every coastline. We have a proven and successful blueprint for success to protect 100% of our coastlines. We have volunteers who celebrate, enjoy and protect what is theirs and most importantly, we have members like you who support their work.