Planning a Smartfin Program

Before creating a Smartfin program at your chapter, here are some things to consider.

  1. Talk to the leadership in your chapter and decide who will lead the Smartfin program (maybe it will be you!). 
  2. Figure out how many people would want to join the committee. Remember, Smartfin committee members don't all have to be surfers. Decide how many Smartfins you'd want for your chapter.
  3. Consider the cost. Chapters wanting to set up a Smartfin program will need to fundraise for Smartfins (~$200 each). These fins then belong to the chapter and chapter members can rent them out from the chapter. 
  4. Does your chapter have an existing relationship with any oceanographic researchers or institutions in your community? Are there specific research questions you could help answer by data with a Smartfin?   
  5. Contact the Smartfin Project Manager at swaters[at] and let her know you would like to start collecting data with Smartfin!

If you're not already connected to a Surfrider chapter, but would like to create a Smartfin program in your community, contact the Smartfin Project Manager at swaters[at]