The Surf Industry Coastal Defender program is a collection of thought leaders who have aligned to fortify the Surfrider Foundation's mission to protect and enjoy our ocean, waves and beaches. We share a love of sea and surf and have a stake in preserving them. 


This program gives surf industry companies the opportunity to give back to the place where they work and play. If beaches are closed, the water is polluted or surf breaks are lost due to coastal development, the surf industry as a whole is impacted - not just in the revenue bottom line but also in the loss of the special places that make the sport so unique.

Founded in 2008, Almond Surfboards is a family-owned custom surfboard business based in Costa Mesa, CA. Their deep appreciation for timeless surfboards and aesthetics goes against the grain of trend-focused goods and apparel to promote a culture of sustainability through durability of style. They build a range of surfboards to help us catch waves early, and catch waves often— and of course to make great memories for many years to come. Learn more about Almond Surfboards.

Billabong has been a proud partner of the Surfrider Foundation for over a decade. We have worked with them to move our mission of protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches forward. A reflection of our partnership was the Recycler boardshort collaboration series, 87% of the boardshort was made from recycled polyester and every Billabong product shipped with a hangtag describing Surfrider's mission statement. Millions of people have seen our mission as a result and we look forward to bringing the partnership heritage into new heights through the Surf Industry Coastal Defenders program. Learn more about Billabong.


 As a leading manufacturer of the world's clearest polarized performance sunglasses, Costa offers superior lens technology and unparalleled fit and durability. Costa sunglasses have been handcrafted in Florida since their founding in 1983. Born on the water, Costa works hard to protect the waters it calls home. Through programs like its Kick Plastic campaign, where the brand seeks to raise awareness about the growing plastic pollution problem threatening oceans worldwide, to serving as a long-term partner to shark research organization OCEARCH, Costa encourages people to help protect the Earth’s natural resources in any way they can. Surfrider welcomes Costa as a Surf Industry Coastal Defender. Learn more about Costa.


Founded on Maui's North Shore in 1979, Dakine got its start when founder Rob Kaplan started making better surf leashes so his friends could ride bigger waves. From these humble beginnings, Dakine has built a reputation in the travel category and established themselves as a leader in the world of bags, packs and accessories. Now with a headquarters located at the base of Mt. Hood in Hood River, Oregon, Dakine builds backpacks, travel bags, accessories, outerwear and clothing for people who love to surf, snowboard, skateboard, mountain bike, ski, windsurf, kiteboard and travel. Surfrider acknowledges Dakine for the many years of support for our Pacific Northwest chapter's Clean Water Classic and welcomes them to our Surf Industry Coastal Defender community. Learn more about Dakine.


Established in Southern California in 1993, Dragon is a premium eyewear manufacturer with a deep heritage in the action sports market. The brand is recognized as a youth, lifestyle brand and began distributing to local surf shops before expanding to global distribution in fifty countries. Dragon has a world class team of athletes which help inspire the technology for a range of products including sunglasses, snow goggles, motorsport goggles and more. The Surfrider Foundation is honored to initiate a dynamic partnership with Dragon Alliance through the Surf Industry Coastal Defender program. Dragon’s participation opens the door for great things to come in the name of coastal protection and enjoyment! Learn more about Dragon Alliance.


Founded in 2000, ELECTRIC is a participant owned, global, premium eyewear brand rooted in Southern California’s rich music, art, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, outdoor sport, and customization culture. ELECTRIC designs an extensive line of sunglasses made of the highest quality, designed and tested in California’s rich natural resourced landscapes. In addition, they offer snow goggles, apparel and accessories throughout the globe. All Electric sunglasses sold featuring the OHM Grey Blue Chrome and OHM+ Polarized Blue lenses will share a portion of the proceeds with the Surfrider Foundation. Learn more about ELECTRIC.


Firewire demonstrates their belief that in addition to products and efforts to reduce the business' environmental footprint, they also have a responsibility to proactively make the surfing world a better place. Surfrider CEO Dr. Chad Nelsen says, “Rarely do performance, conservation and sustainability come together. Firewire has done this in their products, which share the core elements of our mission of 'protection and enjoyment'”. In 2015, Firewire introduced the ADDvance Surfrider collab model with distinctive Surfrider branding. Firewire was a natural fit for the SICD program and we look forward to another year of positive impact. Learn more about Firewire Surfboards.


Founded in Hermosa Beach, California in 2004, HippyTree is a nature inspired surf and outdoor apparel company dedicated to designing products and graphics that embody the “surf & stone” lifestyle. HippyTree’s rugged apparel designs and hand drawn graphics featuring waves, mountains and wildlife reflect the company’s passion for surfing and the outdoors. Marked by the “green tree” logo, HippyTree is committed to softening its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing and Surfrider welcomes this concious brand to our Surf Industry Coastal Defenders program. Learn more about Hippy Tree.


Since its beginnings in 1969, Quiksilver has combined function, fit, art and fashion to develop boardshorts and clothing for ocean and mountain lovers across the globe. While still sticking to the core roots of the wave and the mountain, Quiksilver has become recognized as the premium youth lifestyle and culture clothing brand within the action sports market. Their mission is inspire the youth and progress as the world around us evolves, and as a Surf Industry Coastal Defender, Quiksilver is helping to protect and restore our ocean and coasts. Learn more about Quiksilver.


Since 1984, Reef has been encouraging people around the globe to embrace the fun, freedom and spirit of the beach while living life by one simple rule: Beach Freely. Whether you’re surfing, bar-b-queing, metal detecting, sand castle building, guitar playing, or just hanging at the beach…beach any way you want. Their products are designed to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and free in any environment, whether you’re at the beach or not. And when you love the beach as much as Reef does, you need to take care of it. So, Reef has pledged to help preserve and restore beaches and oceans around the world so that everyone has the opportunity to Beach Freely. Learn more about Reef.


Rip Curl is a company for, and about, the crew on The Search. The products they make, the events they run, the riders they support, and the people they reach globally, are all part of The Search that Rip Curl is on. They are also about giving back - taking the joy they get from the ocean as surfers and turning it into momentum to help keep that same ocean healthy and clean for years to come. They have a strong determination to be environmentally responsible and encourage their crew to participate in achieving this. Learn more about Rip Curl.


Roark is a return to bold adventurism through the eyes of an idealized character. The brand follows Roark and his seasonal travels, weaving his story into a timeless line of t-shirts, well-worn apparel and trinkets. Each collection is inspired by the destinations images, thoughts, people, trinkets and local textiles that are collected along the course of Roark’s seasonal trip. They are the artifacts of adventure. Their spirit of adventure is contagious and there is a unique style that breathes a need for travel and adventure through their designs. Roark has achieved success in pushing the envelope of style and function. Learn more about Roark.


ROXY is a global lifestyle brand, offering products for every aspect of the active girl's life. From handbag to Henley, wetsuit to tide watch, the key ingredient of their products is that inimitable ROXY spirit, “Daring, confident, naturally beautiful, fun, alive: ROXY”. In their mission toward greater sustainability, the steps they have already taken for more eco-conscious products & construction methods are just the beginning for ROXY. From future eco-fabricated Snow collections to educational partnerships and low environmental impact events, ROXY vows to Take A Stand in 2019 and effect a change for the better–for the world and for all of us, today and tomorrow. Learn more about ROXY.

Since it’s founding in Southern California in 1997, Sanuk continues to provide creatively inspired yet distinctively designed flip flops and shoes for the global outdoor community. Taking its name from the Thai word for fun, Sanuk strives to make innovative products for the global outdoor community products that are as much about funk as they are about function. We are thrilled to have Sanuk rise to the occasion with their energetic and optimistic attitude to join Surfrider in protecting their backyard in Goleta, CA through engagement with our UCSB Youth Club. Learn more about Sanuk.


In 1960, SURFER Magazine began as the original, and with their long history of delivering on the promise they began with, SURFER has earned its moniker as The Bible of the Sport. That promise, quite simply, was to offer readers a slice of the entire surfing world with each issue, through an array of provocative and insightful editorial features, revealing interviews, and most of all, their award winning state-of-the-art photography. With our shared goal of informing and inspiring the surfing community to take action to protect the places they love, we are proud to align with SURFER through the Surf Industry Coastal Defenders program to further promote Surfrider's vision to protect 100% of the coast. Learn more about SURFER.

Since 1966, Vans has always been about the people and they keep this spirit alive by supporting and enhancing the communities in which they work and play. Vans has maintained their commitment to giving something back to the culture, industry and environment of surfing and continues to promote the action sports lifestyle, youth culture and creative self-expression through the support of athletes and progressive events  such as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing® , the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing and the Vans Warped Tour®. Learn more about Vans.


Vissla is a young and bold surf line that came on the scene in 2013. They represent creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy and a generation of creators and innovators. Embracing a do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture, performance and craftsmanship, Vissla propels a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality. CEO Paul Naude says, “Surfing has never been more exciting. We have entered a new era and it’s driven by amazing innovation and creativity on the hardgoods side, particularly board builders. It has opened the minds of surfers around the world.” The Surfrider Foundation hopes to employ this infused mantra to create and innovate positive change through our mission now that Vissla is a proud SICD member! Learn more about Vissla.