#SurfriderPledge ideas

What can you do to protect and preserve our ocean, waves and beaches? Here are some tips that we think are easy ways to make a big difference.

Don’t Waste Water Indoors
Turn off the tap while you shave, brush your teeth or wash dishes. Take a shorter shower (5 minutes or less) and fix any leaky pipes to save hundreds of gallons of water every month.

Don’t Litter Your Cigarette Butts
Cigarettes are the most common piece of trash found at beach cleanups. They aren’t biodegradable, leach chemicals which kill fish and they pollute our beaches and ocean.

Plant an Ocean Friendly Garden
Replace grass with native plants that require less water. Adding compost and mulch and directing rain gutters into your landscaping helps keeps polluted runoff from reaching the ocean.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics
Say NO to Plastic! 60-80 percent of pollution in our ocean comes from plastic! Carry your own refillable water bottle and bring reusable bags to the store to keep plastics from entering our waterways. 

Conserve Energy
Switching to energy efficient light bulbs and other energy saving activities helps to slow climate change, which is having a dramatic impact on our coastlines.

Drive Less
Our personal vehicles are a major source of carbon emissions. You can help by taking public transportation, car-pooling and riding your bike to reduce your carbon footprint and help curb climate change.

Make Your Voice Heard
Get involved with your community. Volunteer with your local Surfrider Foundation chapter and make a difference at your beach.

Sweep Instead of Using the Hose
Cleaning your driveway and sidewalks with a hose sends dirty water into the storm drains and out to the beach.