House of Marley


Since 2010, eco-conscious audio maker House of Marley has combined high-quality materials and innovative design to create state-of-the-art audio products; better for the Earth and for music. Created in collaboration with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music and planet, House of Marley is dedicated to designing a greener alternative to all-plastic audio products by incorporating socially responsible materials including FSC® certified wood, signature REWIND™ upcycled fabrics, REGRIND™ recycled silicone, recycled plastic bottles, bamboo, and recyclable aluminum. Honoring Bob Marley’s 75th Birthday and his commitment to the environment, House of Marley is continuing to support environmental give back efforts through Project Marley in connection with non-profit organizations One Tree Planted and Surfrider Foundation honoring respect for Bob Marley, respect for the Earth and respect for each other.