REN Clean Skincare Extends Environmental Mission and Collaboration with Surfrider Foundation

March 27 2018

In anticipation of Earth Day 2018, REN Clean Skincare, the British pioneer of clean skincare, announces a collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the ocean, waves and beaches.

Together, REN Clean Skincare and the Surfrider Foundation will help to protect clean water and healthy, plastic-free beaches. This first important initiative in REN Clean Skincare’s new, groundbreaking Clean to Skin, Clean to Planet platform will galvanize consumers as well as REN Clean Skincare’s retail partners and associates to participate in more than 300 Surfrider Foundation beach cleanups throughout the U.S. and U.K. Additional cleanups throughout Europe and Australia and other joint activations will follow.

“Since REN Clean Skincare launched in East London in 2000, we have embraced our role as beauty industry activists and have never stopped looking for ways to improve the efficacy of our clean skincare products and to reduce the environmental impact of our brand,” said Arnaud Meysselle, Chief Executive Officer, REN Clean Skincare. “Our passion for the health of the planet and our fearless approach to innovation empowered us to take the next important step for our company – extending our Clean to Skin mission to include Clean to Planet. The first efforts in support of our new mission will enable REN Clean Skincare’s employees and partners to work alongside the Surfrider Foundation to help protect the ocean, waves and beaches.”

By partnering with the Surfrider Foundation, REN employees, partners and customers will get involved on a grassroots level and work to become positive agents of change. REN Clean Skincare’s sponsorship and collaboration will help to support the Surfrider network’s efforts to protect clean water and healthy beaches for the future.

“We’re pleased to work in partnership with REN Clean Skincare to help reduce plastic pollution and protect our ocean and coasts for the future,” said Dr. Chad Nelsen, CEO of the Surfrider Foundation. “With its environmental commitment, REN Clean Skincare is helping to support the protection of clean water and healthy beaches.”

The REN and Surfrider Foundation collaboration is an important first step in REN’s multi-year commitment to become Zero Waste by 2021. Further details on this groundbreaking initiative will be revealed in advance of Earth Day 2018.