February 26 2015

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Feb. 27, 2015—Today, the Surfrider Foundation launches its Every Drop Counts campaign (, calling on the public to make a pledge to conserve water by forgoing a shower this World Water Day, March 22. Throughout March, the non-profit organization, dedicated to the protection of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, aims to raise awareness on the issues affecting water supply and for water quality protection.

“Our everyday water use at our homes ultimately impacts the ocean waters we swim, surf and play in,” says the Surfrider Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Chad Nelsen. “Following a drop of water from its origin, through its use, and then its disposal into our oceans, reveals an expensive, wasteful and often dirty journey.”

In school, we have learned our water comes from the mountains and rivers, but that’s not the whole story. To learn more, watch the Surfrider Foundation’s short, animated film, “The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water,” at

Clean water is a resource most of us take for granted when we turn on the tap. Unfortunately, we have developed daily habits that waste and pollute this valuable resource. As a nation experiencing longer periods of drought and extreme weather events, we must only use what we need and keep an eye out for leaks and water wasters.

By making simple changes to our daily water habits—reducing, reusing and recycling water— all of us can play a role in maintaining safe and reliable water sources, while restoring and protecting our coasts and ocean.

Make every drop count and pledge to reduce your water footprint this World Water Day at

A ten-minute shower could waste more than 40 gallons of water. If 25,000 people take the pledge to reduce the amount of water they use each day and skip their shower on World Water Day, nearly one million gallons of water will be saved. On, each pledge will be tallied to show the total amount of water to be conserved on World Water Day. Here, you will also find additional facts and tips to reduce your future water usage and water pollution.

The following companies have made the pledge to make every drop count with Surfrider this World Water Day: Discovery Communications, Outside TV, The Inertia, Chico Bag, Spy, The Ecology Center, Bureo Skateboards, Surfline.

Media contact: Katie Ferguson, Communications Manager, 949-212-3335 

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