July 19 2012

Third Annual Hands Across The Sand To Take Place August 4th

On Saturday, August 4, Surfrider Foundation activists will join hands on beaches and in parks across America to oppose offshore drilling and support alternative energy sources in the Third Annual Hands Across The Sand.

Founded in 2009 by Dave Rauschkolb, Hands Across The Sand aims to steer America’s energy policy away from its dependence on offshore drilling and call for a new energy plan, which incorporates clean and renewable sources, and encourages conservation.

The Surfrider Foundation is using this year’s Hands Across The Sand event to raise awareness on “Three Essential Truths” about new offshore drilling: it will not reduce the price at the pump; it will not eliminate America’s reliance on foreign oil; and it is an inherently risky activity that causes significant impacts to the environment through every stage of the drilling process.

“The political discourse regarding offshore drilling continues to be heavy on rhetoric and light on facts. We challenge all elected officials to acknowledge these three essential truths when discussing any new offshore drilling proposals,” says Peter Stauffer, Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Ecosystem Manager. “We are confident that facing the facts about offshore drilling will show that offshore drilling is not the answer to our energy needs.”

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