September 21 2015

San Clemente, CA – September 21, 2015 – Today, the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches, continues to build awareness of the dangers of offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic with the newly released film “Protecting the Atlantic,” which highlights the damaging impacts of offshore oil drilling to the coastal communities along the Atlantic Coast.

Meanwhile, businesses along the Eastern seaboard are uniting in the fight by signing a surfboard symbolizing the recreation industry’s opposition to new offshore oil drilling and seismic testing in the Atlantic and Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Coastal recreation and tourism generates tens of billions of dollars in revenue for Atlantic coastal communities, which would be put at risk by the Obama Administration’s plans to allow new offshore drilling.

The surfboard, donated by Firewire Surfboards, began its journey in Miami, Florida in August and is travelling up the East Coast, making stops in Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina and Delaware. After collecting signatures from local businesses, the board will be presented in late January 2016 to the U.S. Department of the Interior as a symbol of opposition to the 2017 – 2022 Oil and Gas Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Program.

“There’s no denying that offshore oil drilling is dangerous to the ocean environment and coastal communities. There’s also no denying that beaches lining the East Coast generate massive revenue for our country and provide a livelihood for tens of thousands of families. These facts alone demonstrate that new offshore drilling poses more threats than rewards,” said Pete Stauffer, Environmental Director of the Surfrider Foundation. “The decision to expand offshore drilling is even more troublesome when you consider the fact that the targeted amount of reserve in the Atlantic could only sustain our current oil consumption for a mere six months. We need to think long-term by developing a new plan for creating energy that supports our needs for the years, decades and centuries to come. Drilling is simply not the answer.”

“Sign the Board” has been widely received as hundreds of businesses eagerly add their signatures to the surfboard. Businesses based on the coast know an oil spill would be more than disruptive, but could destroy the quality of life to those living in those communities. The coastal tourism industry on the East Coast employs millions of people, grosses tens of billions of dollars in domestic product and draws tens of millions of visitors each year – new drilling puts all of this at risk.

An additional sign-on letter is accompanying the surfboard, laying out specific reasons why more offshore drilling is a bad idea to the ocean, wildlife, coastline and local economies spanning the Atlantic. 

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