October 02 2012

Group Dedicates Entire Month Toward Rising Above Plastics

This week the Surfrider Foundation and Rusty are excited to kick off the 2nd annual “Raptober” celebration.  This month-long effort seeks to educate and inspire the public to eliminate plastic waste from our oceans, waves and beaches.

"Each year millions of seabirds, fish and marine mammals die due to ingestion of, or entanglement in plastic,” says Bill Hickman, Surfrider Foundation’s Rise Above Plastics Program Coordinator.  “By dedicating the entire month of October toward educating the public on the effects of marine plastics, we hope to jump start their desire to reduce their own personal plastic footprints and the amount of litter reaching our seas.”

As part of its Raptober celebration the Surfrider Foundation be holding its 2nd Annual “One Foot at a Time” Plastic Cleanup Challenge.  This unique contest challenges participants to collect one square foot of trash from their beach or community, then use that material to create a unique mosaic sculpture using any of the five downloadable templates on the Foundation’s Raptober event website.  Surfrider Foundation will then judge photo submissions of the sculptures.  Top submissions will win a host of cool gear from Rusty, including a new Rusty surfboard.

Surfrider Foundation will also offer a Raptober membership special.  From October 15-19th, those who join or renew their Surfrider Foundation membership for $30 will receive a special recycled plastic wallet or pocketbook from The People’s Movement.  These designer pieces are handcrafted from up-cycled plastic bags collected off beaches and areas around Bali.  Each wallet or pocketbook is a unique one-of-a-kind piece.  Supplies are limited, so be sure and order early.

For more information on Surfrider Foundation’s Raptober event, including information on One Foot at a Time and our Raptober membership special, please go to

About Rusty
Rusty is a brand with its roots firmly planted in the pursuit of the surfing lifestyle. By 1984, Rusty Preisendorfer had already established himself as a young legend in the surfboard-shaping world. When the Rusty brand officially launched in 1985, there were few people who didn’t recognize the R-dot logo on surfboards across the globe. With the initial goal of making the best surfboards on the planet, it soon became clear that the tremendous demand for Rusty boards and recognition of the name would easily translate to apparel. What began with t-shirts quickly grew into a comprehensive collection driven by authentic surf roots, progressive product, edgy style, and the signature R-dot.

Decades later, Rusty continues to be an iconic brand in surf culture, featuring a product mix for guys and girls that includes boardshorts, hoodies, tees, knits, dresses and accessories; all available at leading surf shops worldwide. Inspired by art, fashion, music and design, Rusty delivers surf products that represent the classic, casual beach lifestyle defined by the risk-taking spirit and irreverence of today’s youth.  Learn more at