May 17 2012

Surf Quality To Be Addressed By Inlet Relocation

As far back as 2004, the Surfrider Foundation has raised concerns about the inlet at Surfrider Beach and its effect on surfing. In addition to efforts to enhance the coastal ecosystem through wetland restoration, Surfrider Foundation’s goal has been and continues to be the development of a plan to maintain the inlet location at the west end of the lagoon. 

Surfers rely on the inlet breach to help maintain the quality of the surf for the iconic point break at Malibu.  Currently the inlet is breaching on the east side of the lagoon and is eroding the beach adjacent to the Adamson House.  The threat to the historic estate has resulted in the construction and maintenance of a rock revetment. Maintaining the inlet breach to the west near Third Point will not only alleviate some of these erosion problems, it would likely improve the flow and circulation of water within the wetlands.

“While we believe that the lagoon restoration effort will enhance the wetland ecosystem, it will not improve surf conditions, which requires different actions,” says Dr. Chad Nelsen, Environmental Director for the Surfrider Foundation.  “As such, the Surfrider Foundation is now focusing on alternative plans to establish and maintain the inlet location on the west end of the lagoon.”