February 10 2010

FilterForGood and Surfrider Foundation Connect The Drops To Promote Clean Water

The Surfrider Foundation is proud to announce it has teamed up with Brita and Nalgene’s FilterForGood campaign. Together, Surfrider Foundation and FilterForGood will inspire individuals to “connect the drops” and make positive choices to ensure our nation's waterways stay clean and healthy for generations to come.

FilterForGood and the Surfrider Foundation share the goal of inspiring individuals to make positive choices that ensure healthier water for our communities and the world. The FilterForGood campaign, a movement started by Brita and Nalgene, raises awareness of the simple steps everyone can take to live healthier, eco-friendly lives, such as staying hydrated by filling reusable bottles with Brita filtered water instead of purchasing bottled water.

“Working side by side with Surfrider, FilterForGood will expand on its core mission to promote personal sustainability by inspiring individuals to take better care of themselves, their communities and the planet,” said Drew McGowan, Brita senior group manager.

As part of their exclusive national water partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, FilterForGood will donate $100,000 to the organization to fund ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance water quality throughout our nation’s watersheds.

“The Surfrider Foundation is renowned for our commitment to keeping America’s oceans, waves and beaches clean, but we also understand the importance in maintaining clean, healthy inland waterways because of their key role in the hydrologic cycle,” said Matt McClain, Surfrider Foundation’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “By working with FilterForGood we can make a greater impact nationwide, so that we’ll all have clean and healthy water to drink, surf in and enjoy.”

To find out more about Surfrider Foundation’s partnership with FilterForGood, as well as to see the duo’s stunning new ad, go to

About FilterForGood
Each year, Americans purchase billions of plastic water bottles. Aside from the environmental impact of all that waste, Americans are spending a great deal on bottled water. Brita partnered with Nalgene to launch the FilterForGood campaign, which encourages people to reduce their bottled water waste by switching to reusable bottles filled with filtered water. Since the campaign launched in 2007, more than 162,000 people have taken the pledge to reduce their bottled water waste, keeping an estimated 170 million disposable bottles out of landfills. Visit to learn how you can make a difference.