April 16 2012

Today, the Surfrider Foundation and Groupon Grassroots, the philanthropic arm of Groupon, announce the launch of a local campaign to raise funds for water quality testing.
The water quality testing campaign will be available on the Los Angeles Groupon Grassroots page beginning Monday, April 16 and running through Sunday, April 22.  Utilizing Groupon Grassroots’ collective action model, Groupon subscribers can pledge support for water quality testing in increments of $7, with each $7 donation providing the Surfrider Foundation with one water quality test.  Supporters can make a donation by clicking here
The Surfrider Foundation has been working for decades to warn surfers and swimmers about the health risks associated with swimming in polluted water, and the BEACH Act of 2000 marked a major milestone for those efforts.  Now, the Obama Administration is proposing to eliminate funding for the Beach Grant Program, putting every beachgoer’s health at risk because they will not know where and when it is safe to surf or swim.  Now more than ever, the Surfrider Foundation needs support to continue its volunteer-based beach water quality monitoring program to ensure safety of beachgoers nationwide.
“We are excited to employ the collective action model of Groupon Grassroots to raise support for the Surfrider Foundation’s water quality monitoring,” said Alexis Henry, Surfrider Foundation’s Communications Manager.  “We look forward to creating new awareness for the Surfrider Foundation as one of the local organizations in Los Angeles to be featured on Groupon Grassroots.”
100% of the Groupon Grassroots campaign proceeds will be used to provide the Surfrider Foundation with additional water quality testing kits so that volunteers can monitor the health and quality of our ocean waters.
About Groupon Grassroots
Groupon Grassroots, launched in July 2010 in Chicago, features local campaigns in more than 65 markets nationwide, enabling Groupon followers to do good, have fun, and make a real impact in their communities. Groupon Grassroots uses collective action to gather support for worthwhile causes and produce tangible results for local organizations. To learn more about Groupon Grassroots and how to become a featured organization, visit To subscribe to Groupon, visit