May 04 2011

In response to the recent press release issued by the Transportation Corridor Agencies, the Surfrider Foundation has issued the following statement:

Once again the Transportation Corridor Agencies are attempting a sway the public with a campaign of misinformation.  However the fact that they would do it by capitalizing upon the recent misfortunes of the people of Japan is beyond contempt.

To date, neither the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or Southern California Edison – the operator of SONGS - have supported the TCA’s claims that the current evacuation routes and plans need to be supplemented by construction of the toll road.

Still, TCA Board Member Jim Dahl is on record as saying, “If Interstate 5 is shut down for any length of time, there is no alternate route.”

The simple fact remains that The City of San Clemente has an evacuation plan in place that capitalizes on no less than two state highways; I-5 and PCH.  Moreover, according to local disaster preparedness plans, because both sides of I-5 would be restricted to northbound traffic only, SR-241 would not be able to receive any diverted traffic.

That being the case, this would mean that Jim Dahl is either unaware of the evacuation plans for the city in which he served as both Mayor and Fire Captain, or he is lying.  Either way, the residents of San Clemente should find his comments, and this latest effort by the TCA appalling.
In 2010, the Surfrider Foundation successfully campaigned to prevent the TCA from building a toll road through San Onofre State Park and the biologically sensitive San Mateo Creek watershed.