Surfrider’s Response to the Oil Spill in Ventura County

June 23 2016

Once again an oil spill has occurred along our California coastline.  Less than thirteen months after an oil spill fouled the beaches and waters of Santa Barbara County, 700 barrels of crude oil – 29,400 gallons – spilled when a pipeline broke onshore near Prince Barranca Canyon in Ventura County. This accident is a stark reminder of how dangerous and dirty oil drilling and transport can be.

Initial reports state that the spill did not enter the ocean, as it was too far inland. Regardless, any oil spill causes damage to our environment.

The Surfrider Foundation is opposed to new oil and gas development that threatens our coastlines. Our nation’s ocean, waves and beaches are vital recreational, economic and ecological treasures that will be polluted by an increase in oil drilling and transport. Instead of advocating for transient and environmentally harmful ways to meet America’s oil needs, we should seek a comprehensive and environmentally sustainable energy plan that includes energy conservation.