Our Ocean is Turning into Plastic Soup

Plastic...it's all around us

The Surfrider Foundation applauds the historic passage of Proposition 67, which upholds the nation’s first statewide plastic bag ban in California. After the political maneuvering of out-of-state big plastic companies, the California bag ban was put to the vote in yesterday’s landmark election. California citizens have approved with finality the statewide bag ban, which will go into effect immediately. The bag ban will reduce plastic pollution, decrease the amount of plastic litter in our communities, and protect our ocean, beaches and marine ecosystems. 

This is a major victory for the health of our environment, protection of marine life and battle against plastic pollution. As a result of the extensive efforts of our incredible network of volunteers and numerous groups who have worked together to get the word out to support ‘Yes on 67,’ the California bag ban will help to ensure healthier oceans, waves and beaches for future generations.

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Take the pledge to vote YES on 67 on the California bag ban, and share this with your friends to ask for their commitment too!

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Pledge to Vote YES to uphold California's Plastic Bag Ban!

Sign the pledge then share this page with your friends and family to keep the conversation going that all of California needs to VOTE YES ON PROP 67 to uphold the California bag ban in November 2016!

Check out the Beachapedia page on plastic bags for more info.

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Easy Ways to Get Involved:

  • Sign the pledge to Vote Yes on 67 in November.
  • Always bring your reusable totes when shopping!
  • Educate your family and friends about the impacts of ocean plastic pollution and how they can make a difference by voting too! 
  • Pick up at least three pieces of trash every time you go to the beach!
  • Join your local Surfrider chapter and their efforts to support the Yes on 67 campaign to uphold CA Bag Ban at local events and beach clean-ups.

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Upcoming Events

Oct 10-: Early Voting/Absentee Voting By Mail Begins
Vote YES on 67 to uphold the California Bag Ban!
Oct 20-: Reusable Bag Day
Remember your bags and vote YES on Prop 67!
Nov 8-: Election Day
Vote YES on 67 to uphold the California Bag Ban!

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