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Campaigns define us.

Campaigns define us as an organization. They are how we protect our special coastal places, ensure our ocean is healthy and wild, keep pollution out of the water and make sure every beach is clean and accessible for all to enjoy. Each and every campaign has a defined beginning, middle and end.

Surfrider Foundation has 434 victories since 2006


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A soaring example of how we fight to protect the coastline.

During the course of this 20+ year campaign, Surfrider activists fought tirelessly to Save Trestles and one of the last clean watersheds in Southern California from being destroyed by a toll road development - and we won.

Learn about Trestles

Every donation makes a difference and has a tremendous impact on our work.

You love your ocean, your beach, your wave. This is your opportunity to put your money, time and energy where your heart is and support the Surfrider Foundation’s passionate volunteers as they work to protect 100% of our coasts.