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LNG - Stop the Port Ambrose Facility

LNG - Stop the Port Ambrose Facility

All three New York Chapters and both Chapters in New Jersey are once again fighting a Liquid Natural Gas, LNG, facility in the ocean, this time 17 miles off of Jones Beach, NY.  An identical proposal in a different location was rejected by NJ Governor Christie in 2011.

Twenty miles of seafloor would have to be dredged and dug up to bury the connecting pipelines.  There would be restrictions on boating and fishing in the area around the tankers as they approached and connected to the gas pipes.  Furthermore, the “Port Ambrose” facility is planned near very busy shipping lanes and in an area that NY State identified as a prime wind generation area. 

The main fear though is that this facility will be used for exporting fracked gas from places like Pennsylvania.  This will increase the incentive to frack which can pollute groundwater and leave a variety of chemicals in the ground. 

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NY Chapters and other groups participated in a press conference organized by Surfrider in Long Beach, NY before the scoping hearing in July 2013.  Both NJ Chapters attended and spoke at the scoping hearing in NJ. 

Either the NY or NJ Governor could veto the project.  The Coast Guard and Maritime Administration, MARAD, could deny the application
There is an Action Alert to the NJ Governor here
And an Action Alert to the NY Governor here


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  • State: NY
  • Country: USA
  • Theme: Ocean Ecosystems
  • Launch Date: June 17 2013
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

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