Restore Sharp Park


Chapter: San Francisco
State: CA
Country: USA
Theme: Coastal Preservation
Launch Date: November 19 2009
Status: Active

The San Francisco Chapter has joined the effort to restore Sharp Park in Pacifica--to protect the endangered species that live there (California Red-Legged Frog and San Francisco Garter Snake), to improve the function of the watershed, and to move toward a naturally-productive and balanced ecosystem.

The Sharp Park golf course, located in Pacifica, is owned by the city of San Francisco.   It was built in the 1920's on a land surrounding a coastal lagoon. Just like Lake Merced, Laguna Salada of Sharp Park is fed by creeks that drain runoff from nearby hills or mountains. During winters with heavy rainfall, these lagoons fill up to the point of spilling their excess water into the ocean. When the dry months of spring and summer set in, the water levels in the lagoon stabilize, the dunes regenerate, and the process begins anew. 

A plan has been drafted to close the golf course, give the land to the National Park Service, and incorporate the watershed into the GGNRA.  The Park Service has plans to vigorously restore the native flora, fauna and natural process of the lagoon system.  Surfrider backs this proposal because restoring the watershed will bring long term beach preservation in an area that desperately needs it. We should seize the opportunity to restore Sharp Park.