Seismic Testing on Central CA Coast Stopped


Chapter: San Luis Obispo
State: CA
Country: USA
Theme: Ocean Protection
Launch Date: March 01 2012
Completion Date: November 14 2012
Status: Victory

On November 14th, the California Coastal Commission unanimously denied PG&E’s proposal to conduct seismic testing off of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. The Commission denied the project because the harm to the marine environment and ocean recreation was significant while only providing marginal benefits to estimating earthquake hazards. Over 400 people turned out in opposition to the project of all ages and walks of life from environmental activists, fisherman, local business owners to surfers. The public presence had a major impact on the decision. The public turnout was backed by great work by a coalition of leading coastal and ocean environmental groups that provided sound arguments for denial of the project. Special thanks to the Surfrider San Luis Obispo Chapter for their early leadership on this issue.