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LA County Oil Well Setback Ordinance

LA County Oil Well Setback Ordinance

This campaign aims to establish a 2500' setback for all oil wells located in unincorporated LA County.

LA County’s Department of Regional Planning (DRP) is in the process of updating their Title 22 Oil Well Ordinance for the first time in almost 40 years. This rule oversees oil drilling in unincorporated parts of LA County (not cities or Baldwin Hills Inglewood Oil Field).

On April 13, 2020, they published their ​initial draft update​ which proposes only a 500-ft setback for new oil wells and no setback for existing oil wells. We know that a 2500-ft setback is needed to protect public health. LA County DRP is accepting public comments until September 23.


●  STAND-LA​ Coalition (​Physicians for Social Responsibility​, F​ood & Water Action,​ ​Center for Biological Diversity,​ ​Sierra Club​, N​RDC)​

●  Communities for a Better Environment

●  East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice


●  Letter to LA County Dept. of Regional Planning submitted on behalf of chapter

●  Direct action alerts through newsletter and social media for member + supporter comment letters to LADRP