08 • 01 • 2017

Ban the Bag, Greenwich!

The Connecticut Chapter worked closely with residents of Greenwich to get a single-use bag ban passed!

Local citizens led the charge with Surfrider support in Greenwich, Connecticut, to pass an ordinance banning single-use plastic bags. 

The originally proposed ordinance was quite strong, including a 23-cent fee on single-use paper bags in order to properly incentivize re-usable bags and therefore usher forth the consumer paradigm shift necessary to mitigate the wasteful single-use mentality. However, opposition grew fierce and in the 11th hour, an alternative proposal was presented for consideration that would have thwarted all the goals of the bag ban by:

  • replacing the fee on paper bags with a rebate for bringing your own bag; and,
  • allowing up to 10 plastic bags per customer, per visit to a given retail establishment

The ordinance was set for a vote at the Representative Town Meeting, on March 12, 2018.

Fortunately, a strong youth presence at the meeting in concert with widespread community involvement in this campaign, building support for the effort over time, pulled the measure through to success with a vote of 141 to 54 (with 2 abstentions). The ordinance goes into effect in September of 2018. 

Once it goes into effect, the Surfrider Foundation Connecticut Chapter volunteers will help monitor and evaluate the ban, and possibly help carry an amendment forward to include the fee on paper, down the road.

Not sure what all is fuss about single-use bags is about? Check out these resources for more info:

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