05 • 01 • 2021

Smoke Free Beaches and Parks, Florida!

Surfrider Foundation supports the rights of Florida counties and municipalities to regulate smoking on their own public beaches and parks. Cigarette butts are the most abundant debris at every coastal cleanup across Florida. Floridians want the right to enjoy our beaches and parks smoke-free; protecting our health and our wildlife.

HB 105 Regulation of Smoking by Counties and Municipalities has passed! It's been a long fight to get this far, let's follow it through pass ordinances to protect our health and local beaches and parks!

Two plastic pollution control bills, HB105 Regulation of Smoking by Counties and Municipalities and SB 224 Regulation of Smoking in Public Places  finally made their way back to the Florida House and Senate in the 2022 session. Surfrider Foundation volunteers across the state have been deeply impacted by the sheer volume of cigarette butts collected on our beaches. In fact, cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world, with 4.5 trillion butts littered every year. They account for one in five of every item collected during beach cleanups.

For the past 5 years, Surfrider Foundation Chapters and Clubs have advocated for litter control and advocated for legislators to give the locals back the right to regulate smoking on their public beaches and parks. Volunteers painstakingly separated cigarette butts and counted them to enter into NOAA's Debris system.

Communities who advocate for public health limit exposure to secondhand smoke by prohibiting smoking on airplanes, buses, in stores, schools and restaurants. Visitors of beaches and parks should also be free from this carcinogenic pollutant. American Lung Association also advocated to pass this bill. 

Since smoking has been preempted to the state, local communities have not had the right to pass ordinances to protect their coasts, parks and wildlife from this dangerous plastic litter despite a strong desire and need to do so. Representative Thad Altman, Representative Randy Fine and Senator Gruters pushed hard to get this bill finally over the line this session! 

Organic chemicals and heavy metals leach from cigarette butts into our waterways and ocean. Birds and sea mammals line their nests with cigarette filters and ingest them. As cigarette butts are plastic, made from 12,000 individual strands of cellulose acetate (a synthetic plastic fiber) that breaks down into microplastics, they are never fully biodegradeable. They contaminate our water, bioaccumulate in our food supply and pollute our parks and beaches. 

Many states and municipalities have already made beaches smoke free. Smoking restrictions at parks and beaches lead to better conditions in beaches and parks for aquatic ecosystems, marine life, and improve overall beach and park aestehetic. Communities littered with cigarette butts are less appealing to tourists and visitors. No one wants to vacation at a dirty beach! 

Florida now will allow locals to protect what they love and pass ordinances to prohibit smoking on public beaches and parks! 


HB105 Regulation of Smoking by Counties and Municipalities and SB 224 Regulation of Smoking in Public Places have now both made their way out of all three committee stops. 

We're watching closely as some changes have been made:

SB 224 no longer allows local regulation of smoking of unfiltered cigars or pipes and signage must indicate allowance for smoking of these items. In the Rules Committee stop, two more restrictive amendments were made 1 and 2.

 HB 105 passed a pcs version on 2/17/2022 unanimously. This new version allows local regulation of all smoking on public beaches and parks and adds the ability to regulate up to 25' in front of businesses and storefronts. 


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