Florida Beach Access Parking

Victory | July 19 2013

Beach Access

In May 2013, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection opened their Beach Management Funding Assistance Program for review and updating. This rule dictates how local governments receive funds for their beach nourishment projects. The proposed changes cut the public access criteria by 50%. Previously, in order to qualify for funding, projects were eligible if they had 100 public parking spaces. The new rule would allow projects to qualify with only 50 public parking spaces. After participating in three public meetings and submitting numerous comment letters, the Department of Environmental Protection has reversed their original changes and returned the original 100 parking space minimum. The rule was finalized by the DEP in July 2013.

Beach Access

Our beaches mean so much to us. They are where we live, where we work, and where we come to play. Our beaches are the entryway to our ocean and we believe that beaches should be accessible to everyone. This is why our network of staff experts, volunteers, and members are determined to keep our beaches accessible for all to enjoy.

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