01 • 22 • 2021

Fund the BEACH Act FY2022

Secure increased funding for the BEACH Act Grants Program

We all rely on regular water quality monitoring at the beach to ensure that the water is clean and safe. A day at the beach should be fun and enjoyable and not cause you or your family to get sick.  

Coastal states rely on federal dollars allocated through the EPA’s BEACH Act Grants Program to help pay for their beach water quality monitoring and public notification programs. Unfortunately, funding for this critical public health program is often at risk, which likewise jeopardizes safe recreation at America’s beaches and coastal, tourism-based economies that rely on public confidence in clean and healthy beaches.   

Without continued federal support through this grant program, many states will be forced to stop testing beaches all together, leaving residents and visitors alike, unknowingly at risk of exposure to bacteria and other disease causing pollutants. Even at historic funding levels of just under $10 million per year, every state and county run beach monitoring program is already resource restricted. Local beach programs are forced to prioritize which beaches they test and to limit the frequency of testing and sampling season, leaving water quality unknown and public health unprotected at many US beaches.

With more federal funding available to support this grant program, coastal states would have more resources to start filling in these data gaps. More beaches could be tested more often so we all have access to the information we need to protect our family's health at the beach.

Help Surfrider defend and increase the important public health protections provided by the EPA BEACH Act by asking congress to fund this critical program at $10M in the FY2022 budget.

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