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Newport Ban the Bag

Active | April 06 2010

Plastic Pollution

After the last attempt to ban the bag in Newport failed via a ballot measure, the Chapter has decided it is time to reactivate this campaign! The Chapter is working with the local Sam Case Elementary Surfrider Club to ask City Council to pass a Sustainable Shopping Ordinance. The Club's Fifth Graders are researching plastic bags and ordinances to make a presentation to City Council on January 22nd alongside representatives from the local waste hauler, Thompson's Sanitary, and Surfrider staff. Meanwhile, the Chapter is working to build public awareness and business support for an ordinance. 

Plastic Pollution

Rise Above Plastics is designed to eliminate the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and by advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics.

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