02 • 05 • 2019

Protecting Florida Keys Coral Reefs by Banning Oxybenzone!

In January, the City of Key West considered the first ban on sunscreens that contain chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate in the State of Florida. These chemicals are known to harm coral reefs and local fish.

Did you know that chemical based sunscreens are extremely harmful to our coral reefs? 

Over 14,000 tons of sunscreen enters the worlds oceans every year! It is causing genetic damage to coral polyps and other marine animals, makes coral susceptible to disease, causes mortality in developing young corals and is increasing the severity of coral bleaching. Not only are these chemicals bad for our ocean but, they have negative effects on human health as well.


On February 5th 2019, thanks to incredible work by our Surfrider Florida Keys Chapter the City of Key West voted to become the first City in the State of Florida to ban these toxic chemicals to protect our Florida reefs.

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