10 • 01 • 2020

RENEW Washington’s Commitment to Reducing Waste

Goal: Improve recycling and reduce the amount of waste entering our ocean by expanding access to recycling infrastructure in Washington state.

We can't recycle our way out of the problem we're in now - we need to RENEW how things are produced, consumed, and disposed of on the whole


  • Support the passage of the RENEW Act (SB 5697)
  • Participate and help lead Plastic Free WA/Sin Plastico WA coalition
  • Use our platform to highlight how certain coastal communities are underserved for recycling
  • Leverage beach cleanup data and chapter events to increase awareness about the threats of marine debris 
  • Conduct outreach and education through chapter network and partnerships about how the RENEW Act would address many of the challenges with plastic pollution and marine debris  

Plastic Pollution