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The Ocean Needs More Friends

Our Love For The Ocean Goes Deep!

The ocean makes up most of our planet, and plays a crucial role in our health and survival. Unfortunately this precious resource has been abused by humans for far too long. And now, more than ever, the ocean needs more friends.

Join Surfrider volunteers and activists around the globe as we rally 1 million friends of the ocean to advocate for policies to protect our ocean, waves and beaches for future generations.

This is our chance to make a difference and give a voice to our most beloved friend. Sign our pledge today and become a friend of the ocean. We will share ways that you can get involved in protecting our natural playgrounds. 

Sign our pledge & become a Friend Of The Ocean

Models wearing ONMF tees

Show The World That You're A Friend Of The Ocean

Check out exclusive Ocean Needs More Friends gear like hats, t-shirts, pins and sweatshirts. Your support will help us keep coastlines around the country healthy and thriving. 

Ways To Become A Friend Of The Ocean


Join our network and help us tackle the issues that face our ocean, waves and beaches.


Support Surfrider and our network of coastal defenders.

Sign An Action Alert

Take action right from your computer by contacting your local officials.