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Kyo-Ya Hotel Development in Waikiki

Kyo-Ya Resorts is trying to redevelop the Moana Hotel's Diamond Head Tower and make it three times bigger than the current structure (from 8 stories to 26 stories). This proposed development would violate all the existing height, density and shoreline setback requirements, making the new proposed hotel 74% out of code. In spite of these violations, the Honolulu City & County Council and the Department of Planning & Permitting approved the new development. So the Oahu Chapter has joined a coalition of other environmental groups and citizens to appeal the DPP's decision before the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the hearing is set for May 19. The Oahu Chapter and the Coalition will hold a rally to protest the development on Sat., May 7.

  • Chapter:Oahu
  • State: HI
  • Country: USA
  • Theme: Beach Access
  • Launch Date: January 03 2011
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

Tim Tybuszewski, Oahu Co-Chair